Above Ground

Our above ground pools consist of four different packages.
Below is the list of items included in each package we offer.

Deluxe base package A. includes

plain blue 20 mil. liner
basic white a-frame ladder
maintenance kit- vaccum head, hose, pole, ect.
Sand filter and pump system
connecting hoses and clamps
blast it (grass killer)

Premium Package B. includes

swirl printed 20mil. liner
prem. ladder (transforms into a-frame or deck)
maintanence kit- vaccum head, hose, pole, ect.
sand filter and pump system
slice valves and flex pvc
pre-formed pool cove
35 mil. perfect bottom
happy bottom foam
Super package C. includes

every item in package B plus;
a solar blanket
winter cover
corner brush
underwater lighting
lil shark automatic cleaner
filter base
$500 shopping spree!!!
step one deck steps or stay with ladder in pkg. B

Ultimate supreme pkg. D includes

items in packages B & C plus;
frog system/chlorinator
hot tub (2 person)
3 years home labor warranty


This Garden Leisure pool brings together economy-of-cost and quality construction design for an excellently valued pool.
• Silver Series Pool
• 6” Top Rails with a contemporary design
• 5” Uprights formed for maximum strength
• 52” tall pool height gives you more water to enjoy
• Vinyl Plexi-Coat finished materials to protect against the elements
• Contemporary Resin Top Cover with collar-lock engineering for safe, secure joints
• Beautiful Pearl frame color


This Doughboy pool incorporates a stunning, three-dimensional, granite-like frame design with an attractive taupe color scheme.
•Zinc Clad 11000 with Hot Dipped Galvanizing for protection and corrosion resistance.
•Custom-blended Polyethylene construction for strength.
•Snap-Lock Type Frame Construction for easy assembly and maximum strength.

Autumn Breeze

This Doughboy pool features a beautifully designed wall with resin top rails and verticles.  A lifetime of memories will be gained in your backyard.
    •  6" Resin Verticles
    •  Flared 6 1/2" Resin Top Rails
    •  Zinc Clad 11000 with Hot Dippe Galvanizing and protective coatings against corrosion.

Desert Spring

This Doughboy pool features a soft curved frame with a beautiful pattern.  It will add an elegant simplicity to your back yard.
    •  Beautifully crafted resin top rails.
    •  Elegantly designed vertical Supports.
    •  Zinc Clad 11000 with Hope Dipped Galvanizing for protection.
    •  Resin components provide durability and longevity.


This Doughboy pool has a stunning wall design that provides status and style as a signature addition to any home.  This is Doughboy's premiere comfort-class pool
    •  Industry leading top rails.
    •  Massive Steel-Reinforced, resin columns.
    •  Zinc Clad 11000 with hot dipped galvanizing for protection against corrosion.
    •Rugged Resin components for durability and longevity.


This is an Aquarian pool with design-inspired Tuscan walls.  Khaki posts and top ledges add a graceful touch.  It features a 7" resin ledge, durable 6" upright posts, interlocking resin caps,  and resin foot collars which all give it strength and durability.  The frame is galvanized steel with a polyester finish and liquid vinyl coating.


This Aquarian pool adds a sophisticated touch with graceful, classic Bristol walls.  The Hampton pool is built to withstand the seasons.  It features 9" resin ledges, durable 6" upright columns with interlocking resin caps, and resin foot collars for strength.  The columns are galvanized with a liquid resin coating.

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